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Park of the Flamingos and Pelicans

Lake Nakuru is one of the alkaline lakes of the Rift Valley. In the shallow waters on its shores wading sometimes over a million flamingos, which is often referred to as the largest bird show in the world. Game drives offer the opportunity to approach this spectacle up to ten meters and to see elephants, giraffes, rhinos and tree lions. A special attraction of Nakuru Lake is the great variety of wildlife combined with its amazing and diverse landscape.

As you drive through the savannah along the lake, feel the amazement of a rocky path up to the cliffs that offer dramatic views across the park and the pink-colored "carpet" of the flamingos at the edges of the lake.

In recent years, there are more and more floods, so before you plan your trip, ask us about the water level!

Infos about this Park

Flamingo Hill Safari Camp

A great camp - very close to the flamingos

The Flamingo Hill tent camp is tucked away in the Honeymoon Hills on the edge of Lake Nakuru National Park. Its name derives from the famous pink flamingos that live on the shores of Lake Nakuru. The camp has a restaurant, a lounge and a bar. They are located in one of the 25 tents, each with a private bathroom. 
Each tent stands a little elevated on a stony plateau and is covered with a thatched roof. From your private veranda, you can enjoy the view of the endless expanses and watch in peace animals that pass by slowly.

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