LadyM - we are the Team

Every safari is only as good as the driver,
who performs it

I never wanted to fight with 30 or more vehicles for a parking spot standing arround a pride of lions.

So, especially in Tsavo, I met some wonderfully situated lodges and camps away from mass tourism.

Here is Kenya most natural and down-to-earth.

My team and I now want to share this experience with our customers.

Andrew Muthui

My home - your adventure

My love for nature and safaris started at an early age. Born and bred by parents working in the tourism industry.
A great passion and love remains to make your safaris truly majestic and impressive, at the same time remaining original and wild.

I am thrilled to show show my country together with my Lady M Safaris team.

Karibuni Kenya.

Andrew is responsible for the english guests

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Kurt Baguette

My Kenya - my Life

My love for Kenya started in the early 90's when I was on vacation in Kenya. My first safari to Tsavo was like a positive stroke of fate for me.

To this day, a great love has remained, especially for the Tsavo National Park. Here I discovered the true Kenya, the warmth of the Kenyans and almost indescribable landscapes.

I am proud to have kept my love for Kenya with my LadyM Safari Team. Therefore, we do not want mass tourism - we want to show our Kenya!

Kurt ist verantwortlich für deutsche Gäste

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Our LadyM Safaris Team

There is an unwritten but correct fact here in Kenya:

Every safari is only as good as the driver who performs it!

After more than 10 years in Kenya I can only confirm that. The camps can be so well chosen, the routes are superbly planned, the buses are all up to date - all this is nothing if the safari driver has no sense for the guests, for the animals and the nature.

I am therefore incredibly proud of perhaps the best safari tour guide team in Kenya.
It took a few years, but now it is -
the LadyM Safari Tour Guide Team.

Here are the employees Richard Gideon, Andrew Muthui, Mahir Khan and Mohsin Kahn.


Nickname in the team: Abdul Eagle Eye

Abdul is passionate safari guide, which he passed on to his sons Mahir and Mohsin.
Of course, they also work for LadyM.


Naushad is a long-standing employee and very popular with our guests because of his expertise and his very kind nature.
He speaks English, Swaheli and German !!!

All began here

Somehow we are sentimental!
Therefore, you will find here our first homepage, which was built by my friend Markus Lange from the Karibuni Rafiki Resort.


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