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Birdlife and home of the lioness Elsa

Lake Naivasha is a beautiful freshwater lake with dense papyrus plants on its banks. But the real sensation hides in the woods around the lake: Here live all kinds of birds. Naivasha is therefore one of the best places in the world to watch birds. The water of the lake attracts many other wild animals: giraffes swagger under the acacia trees, buffalos wade in the marshes, the crests of the monkeys ring from the treetops, while a few specimens of the large hippopotamus population doze in shallow water.

A boat trip on the lake is a great way to spend a morning or afternoon, and the day can not end better than a sunset over the lake.

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Elsamere Safari Lodge

- in the footsteps of the lioness Elsa

Located on the shores of Laika Naivasha, Elsamere Safari Lodge was once home to Joy and George Adamson, famous for the lioness Elsa. This story Joy Adamson has worked on in her book "Born Free." A room with some of Joy's paintings and personal effects is still reminiscent of her. 
As a guest in Elsamere, you have the opportunity to visit local aid projects and enjoy life in a historic building. You will stay overnight in eight relatively simple yet comfortable rooms with veranda overlooking the lake. 

Morning is the ideal time to take a boat trip as there are many species of waterfowl, colorful colored kingfishers, a hippopotamus family and some snake species in the colder hours of the day. 

With luck, you might see a hippopotamus grazing in the garden at night from your window. Elsamere knows especially by the beautiful location right on the lakeshore and the good food to inspire. The chalets are simple but comfortably furnished.

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